All Natural Biotin Hair Growth Oil - NEW 2OZ
All Natural Biotin Hair Growth Oil - NEW 2OZ
All Natural Biotin Hair Growth Oil - NEW 2OZ

All Natural Biotin Hair Growth Oil - NEW 2OZ

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NEW SIZE - NOW AVAIL IN  - NEW 2oz  Double The Formula 😍

Hair Growth Serum for Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair

Our Hair Growth Oil will become your new secret weapon for longer, stronger hair. So get ready to achieve long, gorgeous, healthy hair. It's no secret that Biotin can do wonders for your hair. See what the power of Biotin can do for your bald spots, grow back your edges, and hairline.

By combining Biotin and other active ingredients to boost its effectiveness. Our blend works very well to deliver maximum results. The secret of the serum strength lies in its proprietary formula. Our Biotin serum provides a follicle boosting effect that can assist in the retention and growth of natural, healthy-looking hair

Grow fuller more voluminous looking hair and thicken each individual hair strand with this potent blend. This works on the surface of each hair fiber and at the bottom of each follicle creating more hair and adding volume and thickness to strands. Our Hair Growth Oil works for ALL HAIR TYPES

Seeping deep beyond the surface - Use the dropper to pinpoint and deliver the oil to problem areas beneath the scalp and follicles to promote lush and healthy new hair regrowth.  

Nourish the hair follicles so you can grow your edges back, fill in your bald spots, and grow your hair at an accelerated rate.


✔️ Family friendly Safe to use on kids

✔️ Promotes growth & thickness

✔️ Grow your edges back

✔️ Promotes hair regrowth - Take care of the bald spots 

✔️ Supports dry scalp and dandruff prevention

✔️ Promotes circulation to the scalp

✔️ Supports prevention of split ends

✔️ Helps seal the hair shaft

✔️ Helps to seal in moisture and shine

 INGREDIENTS: BiotinCoconut oil, Carrot oil, Argan oil, Macadamia Nut oil, Jojoba oil, Tea Tree oil, Almond oil, Vitamin E, Organic Peppermint, Dimethicone

DIRECTIONS: Simply massage gently into damp or dry hair and directly to scalp and edges daily or 4 times a week.

1. Part your hair into sections and apply directly to the scalp using the dropper. 

2. Massage the scalp for 3 to 5 minutes. 

3. IMPORTANT! Do not rinse out the serum (You can do this when you wash your hair once a week or every 2 weeks). 

4. This will stimulate and retain natural and healthier hair growth. So be sure to take before pictures and measure your hair to accurately monitor your progress. Re-measure and track results every 7 - 14 days.

The important thing is to be consistent when applying the oil to your scalp. Before you know it, you'll start to see the results show.

Can be used as a hot oil treatment or a daily hair and scalp oil. Which helps to strengthen your hair and prevent dry, brittle hair and split ends. Hot oil treatments are also useful for helping to stimulate blood flow, as well as helping with hair growth.


Your friends will envy you and the guys will stare!


✅ Biotin: While biotin has proven benefits for hair growth in people with biotin deficiencies. Biotin is one of several vitamins that play a role in the growth of healthier, thicker hair. It’s also one of the only natural hair loss treatments backed up by science, with study data showing that use of biotin produces a significant increase in hair growth in people with a deficiency.

✅ Coconut Oil: Is a natural way to help your hair grow longer, thicker, and faster. The vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally found in coconut oil nourish the scalp and help to remove sebum build-up from hair follicles.

✅ Carrot Oil: Did you know that carrot oil is a great beneficial for adding thickness to your hair? In addition, it also helps grow your hair at a faster rate as it nourishes your hair from the roots. 

✅ Argan Oil: Argan oil is extracted from the Moroccan argan tree. Argan oil popularly called ‘liquid gold.’ It is enriched with vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals. These nutrients help nourish your hair and promote hair growth.

✅  Macadamia Nut oil: Macadamia oil is used in cosmetics and skin care because it is nutritive, reconstructive, and hydrating. Squalene is a naturally occurring antioxidant in Macadamia oil that helps to reduce the oxidative stress on our skin and scalp by preventing loss of moisture. The fatty acid content is the real winner for skin and hair. Those fatty acids help to add shine, strengthen, and nourish the hair follicles, which in turn fight off hair loss and brittle strands.

✅Jojoba Oil: This oil has the ability to unblock pores and to free our pores from unwanted particle or sebum build up. This is important for the overall growth of our hair because when our scalp is clean and our pores are clear, this will allow nutrients to enter into our hair follicle and it will allow our hair to grow healthy and strong.

✅Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil will help to encourage hair growth by healing up damaged or clogged hair follicles. Dandruff can also play a factor in clogged hair follicles, so the oil will help to clean out hair roots and prevent any itching or inflammation that will cause your hair to fall out prematurely. The compounds in the oil will restore hair follicles to a healthy state, which naturally encourages hair to grow in lusher and fuller.

✅ Almond Oil: The protein and vitamin content of sweet almond oil is very high, and this makes the oil particularly great at increasing the shine and luster of hair that is dull and dry.  Vitamins A, B, and E are all helpful in adding shine to dull hair, and these vitamins are present in high concentrations, in sweet almond oil.

✅ Vitamin E: Vitamin E oil is complete nourishment for your hair and is an effective treatment for your hair, scalp problems. Daily use of vitamin E oil strengthens hair and stimulates hair growth. Having Castor Oil and Vitamin E in the mix also creates an antiviral, anti fungal and antibacterial properties, which have made it an effective treatment for scalp infections. Its high protein maintains hair health.

✅ Organic Peppermint Oil: Some use peppermint oil as part of their beauty and hair care regimen. Its fragrance is pleasant and popularly found in shampoos, skin creams, and other products. While peppermint oil may be known for some skin care benefits, it’s also good for your hair and scalp. It may help with dryness, itching, or other scalp problems.

✅ Dimethicone: Acts as an emulsifier (which means it helps keep other ingredients from separating) and a moisturizer that makes it a highly effective additive to the skin and hair care. Thus helping coat the hair strands more evenly. Once the hair is coated you can say goodbye to those stubborn snags, knots, curls, and frizzy hair as you can swiftly comb through more easily. 

MADE IN THE USA: Manufactured Under the Highest Quality & USA Standards. Free Of Contamination, Molds And Toxins.

SAFETY INFORMATION: For external use only, avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

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